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MS Real Estate Development Arab-American Applicant

Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan and then later in North Carolina, my father is from the Middle East and my mother from North Africa. Thus, I have grown up noticing, appreciating, and celebrating diversity. We moved from Detroit to North Carolina for my freshman year in high school and built a new life in NC as a family.

I work as an entrepreneur in the area of real estate development and hope to be selected to your Master’s Degree Program in Real Estate Development at the University of XXXX on the basis of my profound enthusiasm for and dedication to industrial real estate development. I love my home, North Carolina, and especially UXXX; and I would be extremely happy to return as a graduate student to my home university where I also completed my undergraduate work in 2000. Since my graduation, I have established a proven track record of sound investment for 17 years, which is why my partners and I are currently in the middle of 3 large-scale development projects.

I hope to learn as much as I can about finance and international business at UXXX, particularly insofar as these areas engage with real estate. My central professional objective is to take raw undeveloped land and develop finished real estate products delivered to end users. Along with my investment partners, we are working to establish a sustainable long term vision that will enable us to take advantage of long term growth opportunities. Earning the Master’s in Real Estate Development at UXXX will prepare me for my maximum professional contributions in industrial real estate development. In addition to my business and investment interests, I also currently serve on the XXXX Planning & Development Committee as well as doing volunteer fundraising for the XXXX Breast Cancer Research Center.

I am applying to UXXX primarily because the XXXX Master’s Degree Program in Real Estate is the finest program in my area. I will always be based in North Carolina and UXXXX is the best place for me to continue to network and broaden my spheres of influence. A degree from UXXXX would also serve as a solid foundation for study in Real Estate Development at the doctoral level.

XXXX is home; I have 4 children in school and my businesses and development projects are all based here in XX. I do look forward, however, to working with clients from all over the world who are interested in owning, leasing, or renting space. I want to help develop industrial sites and match manufacturing and industrial users according to their real estate needs.

I operate a medical supply business that spans 3 states and I currently have 110 employees. I have learned a great deal as an entrepreneur building my own business and it is my hope that I will have interesting things to contribute to discussions with my peers in and out of the classroom. I look at real estate through the lens of a business owner and developer who has devoted his professional life to the cultivation of acumen and an experienced eye for real estate trends and developments, especially in XXXX. I have a great passion for real estate and I now look forward to orienting my career almost exclusively along the track of industrial real estate development in the US Southeast.

I speak, read, and write Arabic as well as English. I also speak Spanish and French on basic conversational levels. Much of this has to do with the fact that, when I was not studying or working, I have spent my adult life traveling which has helped me to keep up my language skills at the same time that I have enhanced my understanding and appreciation of international relations, especially commerce.

I am a mountain climber and most of my travels have had this end, taking me all over the world from the USA and Canada throughout most of the Arab Middle East and Western Europe, along with Russia and Turkey. I have also climbed mountains in Central as well as South America. In Africa, I have visited Sudan, Morocco, Tanzania, Zanzibar and in Asia Singapore and Malaysia.

I thank you for considering my application to your distinguished MS Program in Real Estate Development at UXXX.


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