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Political Science Masters Program Admission

A rich heritage is only as good as the person commanding it.  Personal strength and your achievements are what make you, and your gift then becomes your depth.  Being born into a military family, I grew up surrounded by proud, decorated servants of the United States.  It is little wonder that I have dedicated, with direct continuity, my entire adult life in service to upholding the aims of the HQDA.  My career path has led logically and naturally to the challenge and opportunity of the ACFP and graduate Legislative Affairs program in conjunction with XXXX University.

 Through all I have seen and accomplished, I have noted a distinct and growing need for quality personnel, informed and well versed in such areas as national security and, more specifically, the policy that drives its principal directives.  Immersing myself in the graduate Legislative Affairs program will increase my depth of understanding of how our Congress works and the ongoing symbiotic relationship with HQDA, as well as develop my ability to execute its ideals.

 It would be my honor and bring me the most profound personal and professional satisfaction to simultaneously represent the US Army and enhance Congressional members and their staff’s knowledge of HQDA operations, policies, and critical global issues.  While I envision, upon increasing my exposure, rising to the rank of General Officer, my service will not be just for me, or to slake some sense of personal ambition.  Indeed, my goals are to not only be an exceptional officer in the US Army, making valuable contributions, but also to represent every service member who proudly serves and fights for our nation.

 I bring with me to the ACFP program and GWU student body a solid academic foundation in Political Science coupled with seven years of decorated professional military service, including four combat deployments to OIF.  In truth, my military service has given me the unique opportunity to apply our nation’s objectives, working with Iraqi Security leadership, the city council, and a city mayor representing some 500,000 citizens.  My US Army experiences have given me in-depth insights into how one person’s actions can impact our nation’s ability to interact with other countries diplomatically.

 My cultural competency is well-formed, and my ability to communicate effectively with people from myriad backgrounds, be it cultural or socioeconomic, is solid.  Having traveled the world my entire life, I feel fortunate to have walked, experienced, lived, and interacted with diverse people on three continents.  With every step in these unique places, with their dizzying array of cultural backgrounds and individual histories, I have seen past their looking glasses, seeing my path all the more clearly, and with a profound respect for the tapestry of heritages that bind our world together.

 I look forward to serving my country further and on a grander scale, representing the US Army, and being instrumental in aiding the greatest nation on earth.  Through the ACFP, I can bring an action to my goals, aims, and indeed, my dreams.

 Thank you for your time and consideration.

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