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Master’s Homeland Security, Military, Indian

I hope to be accepted to your especially distinguished Master’s Program in Homeland Security at XXXX University because of the sheer excellence of your program and the depth and breadth of your curriculum. I am a natural candidate for a career in Homeland Security because of the intensity of my patriotism, sense of duty, and responsibility to my country, which I have served as a soldier for the past 5+ years.

I want to continue to be a soldier and be of service to the USA. Be it with Homeland Security and Military Intelligence; I want to specialize in the prevention, protection, and emergency response. I seek positions of increasing responsibility that would provide me with subsequently higher levels of job satisfaction.

I left my native India shortly after completing my Master’s Degree in French in 1996. The fact that I was one of a few Indians to pursue a graduate degree in French shows that I have always prized diversity and international communication. It also helps to explain why I had problems with my family in India, parents who refused to let me live life on my terms and tried to force me to live according to their expectations rather than my dreams. I am thankful to America for taking me in and providing me with a home and a culture in which I could be free.

Now 42 years old and a citizen of the USA, I have served my country up to this point as a professional soldier, and I plan to continue to do so for the foreseeable future since I find great joy in my service. I want to make progress, however; while I am one of the best Apache helicopter mechanics in the world, I want to assume greater levels of responsibility where I will be more intellectually challenged in the future, filling a need for patriots like myself who are skilled at and have extensive,e cutting-edge experience in the area of knowledge management. Before I joined the Army, I spent 6 years in Norwalk, C, T with XXXX Research Systems managing internal and external web content and product development processes and evaluating project goals and timelines.

I have a solid professional foundation for advanced study in the areas of Homeland Security and Military intelligence,e and I am poised to excel and distinguish myself because I am a thoroughgoing tech geek, which is so increasingly important in our field. Immigrating to the US in 2001, by the end of 200,2, I had graduated with my second Master’s Degree in Professional Writing (Technical Communication) at Carnegie Mellon University. I had come to America only a few weeks before 911.

It broke my heart to hear about a student in the area whose parents called from WTC to tell her that they would not be able to make it out, wished her the very best with her life, and said to her that she must not stop her studies. I found myself very much caught up in the shock, sorrow, and horror of 91,1, which has ultimately proven to have been a watershed moment for me, even though I had just recently arrived. Everyone here has been kind to me. I am grateful to this country for giving me freedom. The more I reflect on 911, the more I realize that I have made the correct decision in applying to your rigorous program at XXXX.

I joined the military, in part, to prove to my family back in India I could do a lot more than get into an arranged marriage. I am very proud to serve, whether active army reserves, and I would like to be identified as a soldier for the rest of my life. I ask for acceptance to your competitive program so that I might learn my best and make my maximum contribution to keeping America safe.

Qualifications/Experiences: I am convinced that my international experience will serve me well in the future, both as a graduate student in your Homeland Security Program at XXXX University and for the balance of my professional life serving as a Homeland Security professional.  In addition to my native Inmainlynlyy as a soldier, I have had the privilege of getting to know, to varying degrees, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Maldives, France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, UK, Ireland, Netherlands, Switzerland, and Canada. I also have fulfilled active-duty roles in Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan,n, and Romania.

I was among the first 12 soldiers selected in 2011 (10 men and one other woman), for maintenance training on the newest model of the Apache Helicopter, at Boeing in Mes, Arizona. In May of 201,2, I received the Army Achievement Award for Training management after 100% success in Training Inspection. Thus, especially with the professional experience I acquired before entering the Army, I feel that I have a solid foundation for graduate-level studies in Homeland Security and that my experience will enable me to excel in your program and beyond.

With XXXX Research Systems in Norwalk, CT (2004-2010), a leading provider of global financial and economic information, I became an accomplished expert in system Information, Automation Information, Internal Research Notes, Fixed Income, and Economic Analysis for clients and internal users, collaborating with product managers, product specialists, and engineers throughout the product development process in the assessment and evaluation of project goals and timelines. I also worked closely with other departments in the Corporate Communications Group on several projects,s including creating marketing materials, manuals, etc.

My greatest joy so far, however, has been my service to my country in our military. However clichéd it may sound, I am very proud to wear the uniform of the US Army. My dream is to continue to be a soldier,r be it active army or the reserves. Money is a necessity,y but making money has never been a significant priority. My current army job is MOS 15R which is Apache helicopter maintainer. I love my work,k but I am also ready and eager to face new challenges.

For several months, until recently, I was laboring to obtain a transfer to the Army’s Counterintelligence Division. Despite my best efforts, however, my request was denied. I fully anticipate, nevertheless, that the next time I try something like this, armed with a Master’s Degree in Homeland Security from XXXX University, my efforts will be rewarded with success.

My active army contract ends Apr 201,6, but my army reserve contract is for 2 more years. I am confident that as I progress in your program,m I will also become more fully aware of my career options and how to maximize my contribution in the best way, one that takes full advantage of my unique gifts and resources.

When I spoke to a reserve representative yesterday, he told me that 35, F, Intel Analyst is available for reservists. Today I feel on top of the world which I seek to protect.

I thank you for considering my application to XXXX University.


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