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Master’s Program in Statistics, Chinese

Your particularly distinguished Master’s Program in Statistics at XXXX University is my first choice for graduate school because of the sheer quality of your program reflected in the thoroughgoing nature of the curriculum and your attention to applications of statistical models as well as theoretical foundations. I also appreciate the fact that your student body is diverse since I am a young man from China who particularly enjoys learning from my peers as well as my professors, especially those from other Asian countries. I see it as important for graduate students from different parts of the Developing World to compare notes about the common and unique challenges that we face in terms of the economic development of our countries of origin. I look forward to an intensive learning experience in Statistics at XXXX that heightens and cultivates my identity as a global citizen, characterized by a profound sense of social responsibility as a scientist and scholar.

Still only 22, I was born and raised in China. In 2012, I relocated to the USA for my studies; living first with an uncle in Boston for a few months studying English intensively to bring it up to a level where I might excel in college and then moving to the University of Illinois at Urbana/Champaign in August of that year to begin my undergraduate studies in Mathematics. I will be graduating this coming May of 2016.I am thankful that in addition to much of my native China now the USA, I have also gotten to see Japan along with the UK, Germany, France, Sweden and Netherland, serving to heighten my sense of international identity and responsibility.

I have also been gaining invaluable professional experience to complement my studies. This semester, I have been serving as a Math Tutor at UIUC, holding office hours, going that extra mile to help students understand the material in advanced as well as introductory Math courses. I have also enjoyed two very exciting summer positions with XXXX in Champaign, Illinois in 2014 and the Bit Valley Info Technology Company in China in 2015. In this latter position, I was hired to design and build web sites for local government organizations. Web site building has been a sideline that I have been cultivating for several years as I find it especially useful and hope to continue to do so in ways that are relevant to my studies in Statistics.

I look forward to many decades of putting the skills that I will earn in statistical analysis at XXXX University to work on a host of problems and issues in many different areas of inquiry or industrial fields. For example, nothing excites me more than the idea of helping companies to accurately estimate yields and evaluate the quality of their products. I am most interested in statistical models that are especially useful at the intersection between demographics and economics. Big data analysis is my center of gravity. As a Math major, I have taken advanced courses in statistics and excelled, feeding my conviction that it is in this area where I might be most useful to my society. I want very much to attend graduate school in Statistics rather than pure Mathematics because I am a firm believer that one should study in the area in which they feel the greatest passion; and for me this is statistics and its applications.

In addition to a solid grounding in theoretical foundations, I hope to acquire the fullest and most creative immersion experience possible in real world applications of statistical methods and I see XXXX University as the best choice, especially for learning as much as I can about Data Science (Big Data, Analytics) and their real’world applications. Your program represents the optimal springboard upon with to build my career on the cutting edge of applied statistics. I seek to contribute to the advancement of both science and technology and I see Statistics as the bridge between the two, helping to make the application of science as effective as possible.

My central long term goal is to become a professor/researcher at the University level in Statistics with special consideration to the relevance and utility of Statistics for human and economic development, particularly in China. There are a growing number of critical issues in China which will be better resolved with the help of statistics theory. One especially salient example is traffic and the hope for advances being made in intelligent transport control. Nowadays in China you can find traffic jams in every city, and it is not uncommon to spend 40 minutes driving 5 miles in our urban environment.  Sometimes even ambulances cannot get through the traffic. Thus, it would be a special privilege for me in the future to work in the area of better estimating the evolution of traffic flows. I am very much excited by the fact that the more I learn about statistics, the more connections I see for harnessing its power to make life better for all, especially by facilitating and assuring our commercial transactions. Thus, I plan to continue to focus my attention, in particular, on the Banking, IT, and Insurance sectors.

This semester, serving as a Math Tutor at XXXX, I have invested a lot of energy in learning as much as I can about the challenges faced by students. I always give my all to my own studies, and it has been a special privilege to also give my all to helping others to learn as well.

I thank you for considering my application to your competitive Statistics Program at XXXX University.

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