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LOR, Financial Engineering

To Whom It May Concern:

I am pleased to write this letter of recommendation for Mr. XXXX. I have had the pleasure of working closely with XXXX throughout the time he was with us, and I marveled at his rapid professional development throughout that period. Thus, I have ultimate confidence in his ability because I have witnessed his very high motivation and degree of responsibility. XXXX is a person with enormous talent and a very high degree of integrity. I am convinced he would be a great asset to any program or institution that would be lucky enough to have him.

As the Chairman of the Derivative Department of XXXX Security Co., I feel I have gotten to know Mr. Liu quite well. He began working part-time for us as a Derivative Analyst while still an undergraduate student. In this role, we gave him considerable responsibility, and he bore up enormously under pressure. Sometimes, I was left with the impression that what was very difficult for some of his colleagues was virtually effortless for him. His communications and public relations skills quickly made him an invaluable member of our financial strategy group; his dedication and attention to detail helped all of us to focus our financial products so that they would be successful in our competitive financial markets.

While XXXX was studying Actuarial Mathematics at the university, he was putting his knowledge of risk management and probability to work on our behalf, displaying impressive analytical skills and making precious contributions to our discussions. A valuable contributor. He is very keen to continue to learn, and I am convinced that he will excel in graduate school as a result of his ability to handle complex ideas in a way that pulls upon interdisciplinary resources.

As Mr. XXXX hopes to pursue a master’s degree in Financial Engineering, I feel that his financial working experience will aid him greatly in the realization of his long-term goals. His studies so far required a firm grasp of many of the skills that are most essential for the development of financial strategy, mathematics and computer programming skills, working with probabilities, ability to analyze financial market, fluency in utilizing C++ and Excel, and the consideration of multiple factors in making sound decisions. He proved adept and ambitious in our department, and I expect him to continue to excel in your institution.

In brief, Mr. XXXX is a highly motivated person with a vast intellect and a background that has prepared him well for the challenge of pursuing a Master’s Degree at your institution. I therefore highly recommend him to your program without reservation. I sincerely hope that you give his application favorable consideration. Please feel free to contact me if I can provide you with any further information or care concerning the qualifications of XXXX.


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