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My awareness of the enormous good that lawyers can do, and an interest in pursuing the law as a career, came in 2012 when I was working as a medical volunteer among the underprivileged in Tunisia.  I was helping young drug addicts in the slums and came into contact with young lawyers working for the NGO who spared no effort in identifying and enforcing the rights of our clients. Among other actions, they successfully persuaded government to improve the opportunities for rehabilitation of addicts and to provide free medical assistance for them. I was hugely impressed by their skill, determination and diligence and a vague impulse to serve others during my life took on the solid form of an ambition to pursue a career in law.

Since that time, I have pursued this interest both academically and by informal reading and have become increasingly fascinated by the law. I studied Contract, Tort and Corporation Law during my undergraduate studies and have undertaken wide informal reading of texts and journals relating to the law. I now ardently wish to acquire the skills and knowledge that will enable me to practice law as a solicitor.

Apart from my formal studies and informal reading, I have sought exposure to legal work and to practicing lawyers. I have had some, admittedly limited, direct experience of legal work. I have held an internship as a paralegal in a large law firm in China and recently took up a post as a Research Assistant for the China Intellectual Property Group in the UK. Both have provided a very useful introduction to legal work and have certainly confirmed me in my choice.

I have no wish to pursue a career path in which I will be merely competent. I wish to excel and so I have carefully considered the characteristics required of a first class lawyer and this application is made after substantial research and long consideration.  An excellent practitioner would need to be amiable but confident to inspire trust and confidence in clients, have an excellent ‘eye for detail’, be able to grasp the essentials of situations rapidly and accurately, be able to think creatively and to have excellent intuitive and interpretative skills and, not least, to genuinely care about the causes of his clients. This application would not be made were I not confident that I possess these characteristics and have a desire to apply them for my good and the good of my future clients and employers.

I am Chinese whose first language is Mandarin, I also speak and write fluently in English having lived in the UK for two years. I have happily studied, worked and socialized with people of many social and ethnic backgrounds. I enjoy sharing knowledge of my culture and learning about others. I have travelled fairly widely having visited North Africa and several European and South East Asian countries. I have worked as a volunteer in Tunisia and Sri Lanka which were humbling and instructive experiences during which I was privileged to improve the lives of others, even if only marginally.

I have a solid academic record and have been the recipient of several awards and honours which will provide the reader with an assurance of my diligence and intelligence. I have a variety of career experiences and voluntary roles that have called upon my ability to operate within a team, to exercise leadership and to demonstrate excellent planning and administrative skills.

I promise enthusiastic and diligent participation in the program, if selected, and thank you for considering my application. 

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