JD Criminal Law, Second Generation Immigrant

I am looking forward to becoming a federal prosecutor for a host of reasons, foremost of which is my patriotism and my love for law and order. After a great deal of reflection, I am confident that I have made the correct career decision. XXXX’s Law School is my first choice and I will attend your program if accepted.

I was born in America but I am Palestinian to the core and I am hoping, frankly, to be accepted by a program that likes the idea of having a representative Palestinian (or two) in the new class. While I do not put much energy into international politics or the Middle East, I am sensitive to questions of social justice and enjoy lively discussions with intellectual exploration and stimulation. Generally speaking, I avoid adopting a position. Rather, I always seek ways to bridge divergent opinions, reconciling them through the creation of alternative ways of characterizing the scenario in question. I have a legal mindset and I have grown comfortable largely looking at life from a legal perspective. New York is home for me since I am from Brooklyn, and I like to think of New York as the legal capital of the world, where theory is indeed cast into the caldron of practitioners. Law School at XXXX is the perfect platform for my professional aspirations. I am highly motivated, disciplined, diligent, and analytical to the extreme; yet I take the most pride in being compassionate, generous to others.

For me, the bad guys are white collar criminals who get rich through fraud, living off the backs of hard working people, robbing them, stealing their life savings. I am concerned about corruption both in our society and within our government—on both state and federal levels, but especially the latter; and I am fond of pondering theoretical constructions of what exactly ‘corruption’ means, and studying the extent of its prevalence. As a second generation immigrant Palestinian American, we were taught as kids that school was not important because it was not really relevant to our sub-cultural norms of economic

independence. I was put to work at my father’s supermarket at the age of 12 to help earn money for my family. conflict, its resolution through peaceful means. I am proud to be Palestinian, to come from an immigrant family, and to have the satisfaction of struggling mightily for everything that I will ever achieve. I thank you for considering my application to your program.

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