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Internship Foreign Dentist: Implantology Europe

I qualified as a dentist in 2009 at the Universidad Europea de Madrid and am currently in my second year of study towards a higher degree in Dentistry. I commenced my career in general dentistry, but I have developed a great interest in restorative dentistry, particularly implantology, which I see as a fascinating field being relatively new and having enormous future potential as new techniques and materials become available.  I aim to complete your prestigious program to become a leading implant treatment provider and continue researching this field throughout my career.

I am now undertaking research comparing a conventional impression system and a digital one (ITERO). I am immensely enjoying my research work and believe I have the characteristics of a successful researcher, being determined, curious, and very hard working. The opportunities to undertake substantial research in the program and the exposure to significant clinical work are major attractions for me.

I know that cultural sensitivity and awareness are essential in dental service provision. I am widely traveled in Europe, the Americas, and the Middle East. I enjoy the exposure to new cultures and hope to extend this experience with fellow students and patients during my future studies. I speak English and French in addition to my mother tongue Spanish.

I know that the program will attract many well-qualified applicants. However, I do believe that I am an exceptional candidate. I am well qualified; I have research experience; I have the personal qualities that will enable me to profit from inclusion and to ‘add value to my class; my main recommendation is a passionate interest in implantology and a desire to become a world class treatment provider.

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