International Dentist DDS/DMD, Indian Applicant

Having completed dental school and gained extensive experience practicing dentistry in my native India, I have now made the USA my permanent home and I ask for admission to your competitive DDS Program so that I can become the finest dentist possible. I seek to give my all to the advancement of preferential treatment for the underserved in dentistry in constant pursuit of contributing to philanthropic directions in dentistry – here in America as well as in India. While I seek a lifetime of dental practice at the service of my patients of all ages, my most recent and most prominent experience here in the USA has been in the fulfillment of a mini residency program in Pediatric Dentistry, hosted by XXXX University in October of 2015, involving clinical, case based studies, seminars, and laboratory work as well.

I was ecstatic to be learning from and interacting with American and international professors/dentists who are among some of the most outstanding dentists on the planet. I even had the opportunity to listen to one of the world renowned professors whose books I had read as a dental student in India. Discussing clinical cases provided me with the opportunity to learn from the experiences of the leaders in my field, test my knowledge, and stay abreast of the latest tools and technologies in dentistry, such as the Haptic Dental Simulation, a virtual training system for administration of local anesthesia in mandible. I also learned a great deal about the best way to handle patients with special needs. Finally, it was also a great privilege to listen to dentists recount their stories of practicing on behalf of the underserved in developing countries such as Columbia and Turkey. This reminded me of my work in India and reinforced my commitment towards the underserved members of my community here in America as well as back in India.

As a child growing up in India I would frequently help my grandfather in his orphanage and school for the blind and visually impaired. My grandfather's dedication towards helping the weakest and most vulnerable members of our community was a most prominent factor in the development of my own human, social, and communal values and very early on helping granddad served to instill in me a great appreciation for the value of community service. As a dental student and later a dentist, I was greatly pained while volunteering in rural areas in India with the desperate lack of awareness that I encountered with respect to hygiene and dental hygiene in particular. Oral health diseases are extremely prevalent in India, especially in the countryside.

After earning my DDS Degree I look forward to going on to cultivate a lifetime specialization in the area of Endodontics. I plan to setup my own dental practice. By being independent, I hope to be best able to schedule the time that I will need to continue to grow professional, working towards publication, and also helping frontline organizations struggling to provide dental care to the underserved in India, providing them with as much support and solidarity as I can. For the short term, I would like to work in hospitals to further enhance my skills and acquire several more years of hands on experience following completion of your program.

Since I permanently moved to the USA, I have already been active as a dental professional back in India. I have spent years practicing dentistry in rural, remote areas as well as in the city, working with patients from all different kinds of backgrounds and I understand the psychology of different types of patients. Working in rural areas with extreme conditions and limited equipment helped to fortify my dedication and commitment towards my profession. My passion to help my community is reflected by the camps, rallies and educational programs that I organized and attended in schools, colleges, and in villages.

I have been studying intensely since I came to America to stay up to date on the latest tools, trends, and resources in American dentistry, including the completion of several ADA CE Online courses (200 credits). I have also spent countless hours in observerships with a variety of dentists. Finally, I have also been volunteering as a Dental Assistant and Technician, as well as an Interpreter for the Hindi language at the Trinity Clinic in Carmel, Indiana since 2014.

I believe with the knowledge and the readiness to work hard, I have much to give as a DDS student in your program and beyond. I could not be more passionate about dentistry. No other field could bring me the same level of personal or professional satisfaction. My experience and educational background has instilled in me the qualities that will enable and inspire me to meet the rigors of this demanding profession. I feel that my demonstrated passion to implement what I have learned and my desire to help those in need make me a strong candidate for dental school.

It would be an enormous honor and privilege for me to be selected to your program and I assure you that I will give my all.

I thank you for considering my application to your competitive program.

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