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International Affairs/Public Policy, Female Military

As a child, I loved maps. This interest developed into a curiosity about the differences and similarities in the way people in these different places on the map lived, ate, spoke, and earned their livelihoods. This awareness of the world and its variety has increased with time and with the substantial traveling that I have done.   I have not, until recently, considered directing this passion into a formal course of study but now strongly wish to do so. My ultimate goal is to work for the foreign service of the government of Indonesia.

 I was born and raised in Jakarta, Indonesia, and moved to the US at the age of 14. I attended a military academy in Virginia. Becoming accustomed to a new cultural environment was difficult enough, mainly as I spoke very little English, but I was also faced with integrating myself into a military background. However, when I graduated, I was a battalion commander with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel, the first female to reach this position. I believe that this achievement is a strong confirmation of a determined and diligent personality possessing exceptional confidence and communication skills.

 I love to travel and have had the opportunity to visit Sweden, Greece, Spain, France, Ireland, England, and Costa Rica. I lived in Sweden for three months and spent six months in Spain living with a family to learn the language. My visits to Ireland and England arose through my selection as Student Ambassador. I speak Indonesian and English and also Spanish at an intermediate and improving standard. Traveling has taught me is that anyone and everyone can be a valuable source of new or helpful information about their country. For instance, a chance remark by a taxi driver about the state of his brother’s trucking business can indicate the state of the local economy, which can prompt further inquiries to provide useful economic information. I am endlessly curious about the world and am determined to learn as much as I can about it. I study international news daily. My particular research interests relate to the effects of the emerging global economy on Asia and especially as it relates to the Indonesia.

 Although the highly structured military and academic environment I enjoyed at school equipped me very well in many ways, it did not prepare me for the independence I found at college. I left XXXX University because of less than ‘stellar’ results in my second year. However, I pulled myself together entirely, and I subsequently graduated ‘cum Laude from XXU at the age of 23 with a degree in Business Management.

 I believe that my background provides proof of academic ability, together with personal skills and characteristics, that will enable me to excel in the program and in a future diplomatic career. I am an excellent and confident communicator, adaptable, diligent, intellectually curious, an experienced researcher and, most importantly, passionate about international relations.

 Thank you for considering my application.

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