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If you look into a dentist’s waiting room in the US, you are likely to see a group of relaxed looking people reading magazines. If you look at the patients queuing up for free treatment in a ‘dental camp’ in India, you will see many swollen faces and pain filled eyes. It has been my privilege to treat many patients of the latter type and the experience has fully confirmed me in my career choice and my determination to pursue it.

 I was drawn to dentistry by the fact that there were so many aspects to the work; relief of pain, prevention, diagnosis and esthetic. A winning smile is a priceless asset in any culture and is one that I hope to provide to as many people as possible. Whilst intending to practice in the US, it is my intention to return regularly to India to assist at free ‘dental camps’ as the grateful smile of a poor patient is a substantial and satisfying reward.

 Being unable to practice in the US, I have returned to India to work for several months each year since coming here. Having completed my internship in 2005, I worked for a Dr. XXXX who was a qualified orthodontist. As his specialist skills were in great demand, he relied on me to undertake much of the general dental work. This was initially quite stressful but the experience provided me with daily exposure to all kinds of cases including fillings, extractions, root canal work and dentures and provided me with extensive experience over a relatively short period. Having some exposure to orthodontic work as an assistant, I hope that it might be possible to assist in research in this specialty.

 For the past 4 months I have acted as an observer at a family practice in Arizona in order to familiarize myself with the dental environment in the US. I have acquired a great deal of useful information and feel ready now to join a program to equip me to practice in the US.

 I am aware of the need for cultural sensitivity in a healthcare environment. Whilst I am not widely travelled internationally, I have been exposed to many of the wide variety of cultures in India. I have also happily worked and socialized with people of various cultural and social backgrounds since coming to the US and look forward to doing so within the program.

 I know that the program will attract many well qualified applicants but I feel that I am an exceptional candidate. I have significant experience in routine work and in assisting in complex procedures; I am now familiar with the day to day work and management of a US dental office; however, my main recommendation is that I am passionate in my desire to acquire the further skills and knowledge necessary to become equipped to provide excellent dental care in this country.

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