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Biotechnology Masters, Chinese Applicant

It has always been my intention to ‘make a difference rather than merely make a living. My wish to join this Master’s program is an essential step in enabling me to make that difference. I can think of a few areas of work and research that can provide such general and vital benefits as Biotechnology. I am passionately interested in pursuing an academic and professional career in this work area.

I am particularly excited at the prospect of working in an area where so many exciting and rapid advances have been and are being made. I am very keen to assist in achieving further advances in the field. I hope to work in an area that will enable me to help achieve a situation in which the most advanced biotechnological advances are made as widely available. I also believe that I have the communication skills and personality that provide the potential for me to become a ‘bridge’ to enable physicians to understand and effectively apply innovative treatments as they become available.

I have a solid academic record, having achieved a GPA of 3.85 in my undergraduate studies to date, and I have been the recipient of various literary awards. I believe that my research experience in Biology, coupled with an advanced understanding of statistical techniques, provides me with an excellent basis not merely to succeed but to excel in the program. I have a particular interest in the areas of nanotechnology and tissue regeneration. I hope to assist in research in one or both of these areas of study during the program.

I am also enthusiastic about the business aspect of the program. I cannot claim more than basic knowledge of this study area. Still, I am keen to acquire knowledge and skills in these matters, which I recognize to be essential in the areas of work where graduates are likely to find themselves.

I have happily studied, worked, and socialized with people from many ethnic and social backgrounds. I am regarded as an amiable person who is happy to share my knowledge and skills and who seeks to benefit from those of my colleagues. My volunteer work has provided me with an opportunity to meet and help other students and has given me great satisfaction. I am pretty well traveled and am a native Mandarin speaker with good fluency in English.

I have carefully considered the programs available to me and have concluded that your own is the one that will provide the specific, advanced skills and knowledge that I seek to acquire and will provide the challenging but supportive academic environment that I seek together with a distinguished faculty and outstanding facilities.

To summarize, I believe that my academic record and choices, research experience and the relevance of my work to date to this program provide an excellent basis for me to ‘add value’ to the program for my own benefit and that of my fellow students and I look forward to receiving the benefit of the fruits of their experiences and studies. I promise committed, diligent and enthusiastic participation in the program if selected.

Thank you for considering my application.

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