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PHD Biostatistics, Immigrant from Philippines

I was raised in an impoverished home in the Philippines, where education is highly valued, but the funding for it is often lacking. I found a route out of my situation through a talent and passion for Mathematics that was recognized throughout my schooldays. My talent and passion were supplemented by adopting a thoroughly focused, committed, and determined approach to my work throughout my academic career. My job was rewarded with school honors, a university scholarship, the award of Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from the University of San Carlos (USC) in the Philippines, and finally, an invitation to teach there.

 I was subsequently selected to receive sponsorship to enable me to study for a second Master’s degree in Applied and Computational Mathematics at the XXXX Institute of Technology (XIT). This degree was awarded in May 2008. While studying at XIT, I also received a teaching assistantship.

 I was employed for thirteen years as a permanent, full-time instructor at the USC, teaching both undergraduate and graduate courses. During this time, I was also involved in various interdepartmental research projects. These projects included collaborative work with the Larenstein University in The Netherlands on implementing a Geographic Information System in the pre-selected curricula of the College of Arts and Sciences at the USC. My work on this project was the subject of the thesis for my Master’s degree at USC.

 It had always been my intention to ‘give something back by teaching. This was in gratitude for my own academic and economic advancement, which was in no small part due to the dedicated and skillful education that I received. However, I now seek to broaden my horizons.

 I feel that I have achieved much from an unpromising start; I am sure that I have made a difference to those I have taught, and I have personally acquired a thorough knowledge of my subject over many years of study and research.  I now seek a new challenge and have been seeking a Ph.D. program that will enable me to maximize my utility to the world and to my own country in particular. I was therefore very excited to discover your Biostatistics doctorate program, which offers an opportunity to develop and apply statistical methodology to achieving solutions to biological and public health problems. The program provides an excellent ‘fit’ to my requirements and enables me to fulfill my goals.

 I have carefully read the description of the faculty and its work. It precisely describes the thriving, friendly, and challenging academic environment that I seek and in which my talents can further thrive. I would hope to assist in research in areas relating to public health as I feel that this would have the most significant impact in my home country.

 The volume and quality of the research work that I have undertaken in obtaining two Master’s degrees, together with that launched in a reasonably long teaching career, has provided me with an excellent understanding of successful research and the techniques involved in achieving it. This significant research experience is highly relevant to a Doctorate program, and I believe that this makes me an exceptional candidate for work at this level. My background also includes a significant amount of interdisciplinary research.

 I am aware that the program will attract many well-qualified applicants and that the committee will have difficult choices to make. However, I feel strongly that I can make a significant contribution to the academic community and that I can also bring some unique and valuable insights to my class from my background, studies, and research to date. I also offer proven dedication, a solid work ethic, and a passion for the application of Statistics to the betterment of humanity that will be hard to match.

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