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Advanced Endodontic Certificate Program Application

For the past half-decade, I, along with my business partner, have built two of the most successful dental practices for the communities we serve.  The work, while challenging, has been truly refreshing, and I have welcomed each day, each chance to provide our patients with the most pleasing dental experience possible.

 I have reached a point in my practice where I am eager to follow a path I postponed years ago for several personal, even practical reasons.  Now, though, I have been blessed with reaching a level of financial security, earning the support of my colleagues, staff, and, most importantly, my beloved family, I am now capable of undertaking and focusing my energies on an Advanced Endodontic program.  As I try to be a better person each day, I also strive to be a better dentist; as a person and as a professional, I want to progress.

 As a general dentist, I have seen too many dental treatments, particularly root canals, which were done without proper training and or equipment, missed canals, improper fillings, filling breakages, and more, that contributed to needless patient suffering.  This is the distinct need in my community that I seek to serve.  For the past five years of practice, I have performed hundreds of endo procedures. For me, it represents the most fascinating of all dental specialties, not just for its level of difficulty, but also for its ability to provide immediate pain cessation in my patients.  Additionally, endodontic dentistry represents the most holistic approach to dentistry in that it saves teeth, natural dentition, and medically, the ideal outcome.

 Endo is at the forefront of new technologies, such as microscopy, and cone beam CT scan, and endodontists work closely with GPs, a strong team.  I am eager to participate in this collaboration with my colleagues, for my own education, and development as well as for the combined benefit of my patients, present and future.  Moreover, the prospect of investigating and being exposed to regenerative endodontic practices fascinates me.  It is the dawning of a new era for dentistry, and I aim to be at the forefront.

 Earning my Certificate for Endodontics will allow me to become not only a root canal specialist, but also aid me in bringing a number of my goals, professional and philanthropic, to fruition.  In truth, my scholastic achievements raise within me the desire to impart my knowledge to others, my colleagues as well as burgeoning dental professionals, such as through dental schools, seminars, and study groups, pursuits I have already conducted and would love to continue at a higher level.  In addition to my two practices, I would enjoy opening a small practice where I could offer my community my services as an Endodontist.  As a general dentist, I have always been the recipient of knowledge.  Now through the advanced endodontic program, I will be able to contribute to the understanding of others.  My position in the community and among dental professionals will enable me to organize groups of dentists to provide free, reduced, or at-cost services for socio-economically depressed populations, especially children.  I often think that the children I treat may be seeing a dentist for the first time, that I am setting in their minds a vision of dentists that will last a lifetime; it is a sacred trust.

 I bring with me the advanced endodontic program and a solid academic foundation in physical chemistry and dentistry, coupled with five years of dental practice ownership and professional experiences, without a single patient complaint.  More than the practical, though, I bring my humility and a sense of need to aid others, the poor, the sick, and the needy, at all costs.  Organizing small groups of medical doctors and dentists, we have provided free medical and dental services for low-income families here in L.A, as well as Tijuana, Mexico, on a dozen trips.

 The motto of my own dental practice is, “Before you make your patients smile, you smile first.”  I think a pleased dentist can make patients happy.  No matter how high I rise in my work, and my profession, I will never forget the most fundamental truth of dentistry.  We treat not just conditions, but our patients, and our neighbors.  To their tomorrow and my own, I will give all that I am to the advanced endodontic program.

 Thank you for your time and consideration.

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