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JD Admission, Criminal Law, Sorority Woman

Even before joining with my sisters in Alpha Sigma Alpha (ASA), I had lived their motto of efficacy and my ability to sympathize with those that face their own challenges in life.  I feel that my sense of justice has naturally stemmed from this, and nothing would give me greater satisfaction than helping people reach positive outcomes from their experiences with me as an attorney.

Law school is a natural progression for me, and my internship experience alone has convinced me that my future is in practicing law.  During my time as a pre-law student and an intern, I have found my passion to be for criminal and juvenile law.  Nothing would give me more personal satisfaction than to know I was able to bring a criminal to justice. Still, more than this, to bring families peace, such as in the Shepard double-murder trial that shocked our sleepy town, a case I continue to follow in the news.  More than this, though, I would especially enjoy working to reunite deserving parents with their children in custody 

Interning as a Clerk for XXXX, the prosecuting attorney in XXXX County, Missouri, an internship I pursued and procured myself, I saw firsthand the ability an attorney has to help people, often at the most trying time of their lives.  Advancing the social good is an attorney’s prime directive. My ambitions are simply to be an attorney that makes a difference in people’s lives by representing them in court, helping them through the process, and being their rock.  Indeed, my time working in the prosecuting attorney’s office has shown me a career path that I hope will lead to my own state prosecutor position and later to becoming a judge.

I am impressed by how many attorneys are leaders in the community, and have the trust of the community they serve.  As a pre-law student, I spearheaded, with the aid of my sorority, the first-ever “Share the Care” breast cancer walk.  I progressed naturally to leadership roles, which led to my being selected to be ASA’s Gamma Pi chapter delegate at the ASA national convention this summer.  It was a fascinating time and a proud moment for me, as we celebrated the opening of the National headquarters building for ASA.

And as ASA emphasizes, we must “fill [our] days with satisfying activity,” which has become one of my personal maxims.  And, yet, I feel that my work, be it volunteering or as a burgeoning attorney, must be more than just satisfying, it must be for the greater good, for my community, and must give a voice to those that deserve a stronger voice, a voice in court.

I thank you for your time and consideration and look forward to a personal interview.

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