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Accountancy Masters, Chinese Applicant

My grandfather is a professor of accounting, and I lived in his home for ten years. He loved to talk about his subject, and, on this account, I already knew quite a lot about accountancy by the age of 16. I knew this was no ‘dry subject’ but a fascinating one that required great skill and application. Among many other things, he explained to me that a good accountant is a ‘corporate physician’ who constantly applies his diagnostic skills and knows how to measure and interpret all the corporate ‘vital signs’ and use appropriate remedies when necessary. My brothers have become accountants too, so there appears to be something ‘in the blood of my family predisposing us to this exciting profession.

 My bachelor's degree is in Economics with an emphasis on Mathematics, awarded by the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Following this, I have also recently taken the University’s course “Accountancy 100” and was awarded an ‘A’ grade.  I thoroughly enjoyed this formal introduction to accountancy, in which I excelled. I was also happy to be able to assist some of my classmates who were struggling with some accounting concepts, and this provided me with even greater satisfaction.

 I provided some assistance to my Economics professor in a research project that he was undertaking about the airline industry, and I regard this as highly relevant to my application. I focused on the reasons for the failure of some companies and the rise of others. I analyzed past accounts and business decisions to try to establish patterns and trends in business behavior that resulted in failure or success. This was a good exercise that gave me a significant insight into an important industry. I very much enjoyed this taste of research and hoped to assist with similar, industry-focused, research work during the program. I am also interested in the connection between business law and taxation as I would like to be able to help companies with taxation matters in the future.

 I am aware that there is an enormous shortage of Chinese-speaking accountants and that this is expected to last at least ten years, according to Accountancy Age Magazine. This shortage impacts on the growth of the Chinese economy and so that of the world. The need for Chinese-speaking accountants is therefore pressing, and I hope to be part of the solution to this serious problem.

 I returned to China during one of my summer vacations to participate in volunteer activities with other students studying in the US. We went to a poor rural community and helped junior high school students who were learning English. We told them about life in the US, its history, and our experiences there. We also provided them with used books in English that we had collected. Water was available only from a well, and there was, of course, no internet access which was even more of a shock. However, this was a beneficial experience. I had to plan the lessons making them logical, exciting, and relevant to my given topic; I had to capture and keep the attention of an audience and coordinate my activity with that of my colleagues.  The students were very appreciative of our interest in them, and it was a very humbling and rewarding experience, and I am happy that I took part. I hope to return in the future and repeat the background or to do something similar.

 I acted as Treasurer of the Chinese Undergraduate Student Association during my bachelor's studies and was able to improve the reasonably vague financial controls. I have also had some exciting internship positions that have provided exposure to the realities of corporate life and equipped me with some experiences that are relevant to the program and will apply to my work.

 Since arriving in the US, I have happily worked, studied, and socialized with people of many cultural and social backgrounds. I look forward to extending these experiences in the program. My own experience of adjusting to a new culture has been personally enriching, even if confusing at times!

 I know that the program will attract many well-qualified applicants. However, I do consider myself to be an exceptional candidate. I have a relevant bachelor's degree and internship experience; I have a facility for accountancy as demonstrated by my success in ‘Accountancy 100’, and I have an excellent grounding in basic accounting concepts; I have research experience and am eager to extend it. My main recommendation is a passion for accountancy and a desire to assist significantly in the success of the corporations where I shall work.

 I am aware that the program will be highly challenging, but I undertake to apply myself fully to it, to participate enthusiastically, and to seek to excel throughout. Thank you for considering my application.

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